The kitchen is the heart of your home. So when it’s time to do a kitchen renovation, you want to be sure it has all the elements that make meal prep and entertaining easy. Before you begin your kitchen renovation, it’s helpful to understand all the necessary steps so you can avoid any delays or unwanted costs.

Let’s review some helpful tips for a successful kitchen renovation.

Start Planning Ahead of Time

One of the first steps in renovating a kitchen is planning. This is more than choosing paint colours or materials. A kitchen renovation can take a few weeks so you need to be sure you’re planning your renovation around your schedule so there is minimal disruption. The kitchen remodelling process can easily interfere with your day-to-day life. So before the work begins, organize your kitchen for easy accessibility.

Place your frequently used items in a spot where you can easily access them. Don’t create barriers to areas or place items where you may not be able to reach them. Talk with your contractor about how the kitchen renovation will move ahead so you know what areas of the kitchen you will be able to access and when.

Create Accessible Kitchen 

You want your whole family to be able to use the kitchen efficiently. This means creating spaces that are inclusive and easy to use. Put storage at multiple levels so children can access the food and cutlery that they use on a regular basis.

Consider putting countertops at easy to access heights based on the family and guests who will be using it. Create enough walking room so that it’s easy to manoeuvre no matter who comes over for dinner.

Incorporate Kitchen Technology 

It’s never been easier to create a restaurant-worthy meal thanks to the advances in new kitchen technology. These can include items like smart fridges that let you keep a grocery list or help you monitor the internal temperature to smart trash cans that help eliminate order and keep your kitchen smelling fresh.

Don’t forget your kitchen is the perfect spot to set up home consoles where you can control other areas of your home too. Think of your kitchen as the dashboard for the rest of your home so you can keep your space feeling comfortable all from a central location.

Consider Counter Space 

Counter space is often at a premium in kitchens, particularly in condos or other small urban living spaces. Adding additional and multifunctional counter space can increase productivity while giving your kitchen a more sophisticated and luxurious feel. Items like a built-in cutting board or hidden storage are just some of the ways you can transform your counter space.

Don’t forget a kitchen island can also increase prep space and make it easier to prepare your favorite meal. Based on your square footage, your contractor can come up with a design solution that suits your space and functionality needs.

Experiment With Colour 

The classic white kitchen is a thing of the past. Today, homeowners are looking to create a space that is a reflection of their personality and style. This means experimenting with colour to create a kitchen that feels comfortable and inviting.

Say goodbye to boring white walls and try earthy colours like sage green or sandstone. If you still prefer to go with a neutral colour, consider a soft cream colour or yellow to brighten your space.

Build an Office Nook

Let’s face it, working from home has been a great way to get things done. But sometimes you need a little extra space to meet that deadline. Consider incorporating an office nook in your kitchen.

This will allow you to stay on top of projects while keeping an eye on meal prep or supervising homework at the kitchen table. 

Choose a Focal Point 

You want your kitchen to be a showstopper. This can be achieved by establishing a focal point. It could be a unique appliance, a stunning tile choice, or even a piece of artwork.

Whatever you choose to highlight, be sure it doesn’t overpower your kitchen but rather compliments your unique and elegant design taste.

Consider Eco-Friendly Options 

One of the most important kitchen reno steps is to consider what you can do for the environment. Kitchens use a lot of energy from appliances to water, so it’s important to use as many eco-friendly features as possible. This can mean incorporating high-efficiency appliances into your kitchen remodel plans or choosing eco-friendly and recycled building materials to create a look that is stunning and sustainable.

Your contractor will be able to help you realize your eco-vision with materials and resources designed to enhance the look of your kitchen while helping you save money and the environment.

Choose Material and Floor Patterns 

One of the next steps in renovating a kitchen is choosing the materials and floor patterns for your new space. Early on in the design process, you’ll likely choose a certain style whether it was modern, minimalist or country.

This style choice will make choosing materials easy. For example, if you want a minimalist look for your kitchen, then go with elegant marble paired with a matte finish. If you prefer a country look, choose elegant wood finishes paired with rustic hardware.

Kitchen Lighting Options 

When preparing a delicious meal, ample lighting is important. But you also want lighting that reflects how you use your kitchen. Do you have a particular area in mind for entertaining where incorporating a dimmer will add a sense of refinement and intimacy?

Do you spend a lot of time on meal prep and want extra lighting in areas you use most? In this case, pot lights are a great option to help improve the functionality of your kitchen.

Contact the Pros

No matter what kind of kitchen renovation project you have in mind, the team at Aria Build can help you bring it to life. We offer professional and experienced kitchen renovation services and work with you throughout the entire process so you can feel confident that your kitchen renovation stays on time and on budget. 

Contact us today for a free estimate so we can help you begin planning your next kitchen renovation.

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