Aria build introductory consultation


Step One

Introductory Consultation

Our focus at the beginning of any design and development process is to meet with you and your family, discuss your objectives, and determine what goals you have in place.

Inspection, Concept, and Design Development by aria build


Step Two

Inspection, Concept, and Design Development

Once we’ve established a project direction, our expert technicians will meet you to discuss project details, challenges, and concerns. This detailed pre-construction planning will help to mitigate project costs, and it will ensure that we create a home aligned with your lifestyle needs. From floor plans to rendering, to finished, we’ll cover all of the details prior to breaking ground.

Aria Build Final Design and Cost Evaluation


Step Three

Final Design and Cost Evaluation

With our design and development planning complete, we’ll share with you the finalized Concept Design and Cost Agreement. Here you’ll be able to review all relevant details, ask questions, and work with us to iron out the project plans, scope, and timeline.

Aria build team during construction stage


Step Four


With the planning procedures behind us, we’ll get started on the construction of your dream space. An Aria Build construction manager will begin the process by introducing themselves to you and explaining the development process moving forward. At this point, you can expect to receive access to Houzz Pro, which will allow you to keep updated on project timelines and progress, with the incredible ability to view your project virtually at any time. Our construction teams are all trained professionals, with WSIB and liability insurance.

Site Inspections and Routing Cleanup by Aria Build


Step Five

Site Inspections and Routing Cleanup

Our team takes tremendous pride in our work, and as such, you can expect the construction site to remain organized and clean. We’ll schedule regular client meetings with you to ensure you can walk through the project in progress, allowing you to ask questions, raise concerns, and see how things are coming together. Prior to project completion, we’ll arrange a commercial cleaning service to ensure that your home is turn-key.

Final Walkthrough and Project Completion by Aria Build


Step Six

Final Walkthrough and Project Completion

After weeks or months of hard work, your project will be ready for you to enjoy. Upon completion, an Aria Build representative will take you through the completed project, highlighting key areas and answering any outstanding questions you may have. We look forward to building the space of your dreams! For more information about the steps of building custom homes please check out our blog.