Interior design trends for kitchens are constantly evolving. Long gone are the days of warm, grainy wood cupboards; white, sleek fibreboards are now a common option. No longer do we see sinks with the lips resting on top of the counter; many sit flush under the counter. Also, wood countertops are now replaced with sturdy marble or granite. Let’s explore some of the best kitchen trends in 2023 to give you the best kitchen design.

Bold Colors & Contrasting Elements

While white and clean is still in and is a modern look, people stand out from the crowd by adding pops of colour or contrast. All-white used to be commonly seen, but now designers and homeowners are spicing things up by matching it with a colour, like black, teal, or green. So, if someone’s backsplash and walls are white, they may paint the frame of their glass cabinets black, adding a striking, eye-catching appeal. With just this hint of contrast, people will be more drawn to the kitchen design. Painting the kitchen with bold colours has the same effect, and people often experiment with the walls, cabinets, or island bases.

The colours tend to be explosive, like yellow and orange. It makes a space unique and fun. Also, people will combine funky colours. So, while their lower cupboards may be green, they may choose an upper cabinet to be a statement piece and paint it bubble-gum pink. Greens and blues are now in too, with more people opting for natural and cool tones, which go well with the butcher block counter style (another hot kitchen trend).

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Kitchen Designs

New kitchen designs use sustainable materials that are better for the planet. Materials are now of higher quality, meaning they will last longer, essentially preventing more waste from ending up in landfills. For current kitchen trends, materials like wood, steel, and stone are used.

On top of this, appliances that are being installed in new kitchens are also more eco-friendly. Stoves, ovens, and fridges now have eco modes so that they use less energy.

Statement Lighting to Ignite Your Kitchen

Lighting fixtures have come a long way. What used to be curved gold elements with candlesticks and linked chains now look like simplistic bone China. A top trend is having large handing fixtures over an island or bar portion of a counter.

The stem the pendant hangs on is seamless, and designs can vary from simple white circles to warm tungsten, rustic bulbs. The longer fixtures add depth and layers to a room.

Open Shelving and Creative Displays

Cupboards used to be the holy grail of kitchen storage, but for 2023 kitchen trends, shelving has been taking the spotlight. People tend to use this design to frame the hoods of ovens or windows over sinks. While the one downfall is that the items on the shelves need to remain neat as they’re open to the public, you have more creative freedom to showcase statement pieces.

Some people freshen up the space and put plants on the shelves, while others place cookbooks and unique figurines on them. You can also have fun with the colour and material used for the shelves. Opt for warm or cool woods, or maybe even try a matte metal or glass.

Smart Technology Integration

Manufacturers now make appliances where people can access the controls from their phones. On top of that, some even have built-in touch pads. Samsung makes ovens with Bluetooth capabilities. All people need to do is scan the QR code on the appliance and download an app. Then they can control the oven from the touch of their fingertips through a smart device.

So, if you need to run out quickly but forgot you had dinner in the oven, you do not need to turn around; simply access the app and power the oven off. LG and Samsung’s touchscreen fridges can create virtual shopping lists, and you can even access your music playlists through them.

Kitchen Islands Redefined

There are numerous new trends for kitchen islands in 2023. Some you may love, and some you may need to adjust to. How about instead of one island, double it up with two? This has become popular in larger spaces, as it offers extra storage, extra cooking room, and more space to set up statement pieces. Another trend is installing a butcher block island.

Instead of marble, the wood butcher block offers a warm, rustic vibe and is still durable for cooking. Additionally, people now paint the bases of their islands with striking colours, like turquoise, green, or even pink. It makes the space stand out and injects a creative vibe.

Kitchen Trends Embrace Minimalism

While colour and creativity have become more common, minimalism is still at the forefront. This can be done in several ways. Some people take out the cupboards above their sink and replace the space with extra windows, giving the room a more open and brighter feel.

People also gravitate toward neutral tones, like oak and limestone. These colours are simple. In turn, this palette will make a room look minimal too. Additionally, people will opt for monochromatic colours and fixtures.

There are various new kitchen design trends for 2023, and it may feel tricky to keep on top of all of them, but we have outlined the top ones to apply for your kitchen. Whether it be adding a new island or adding a splash of colour, your kitchen will look more modern no matter the change you choose. If you would like to turn your kitchen into a luxury that fits within your budget, then look no further than Aria Build. Not only do we handle home and kitchen renovations, but we can also take care of your home addition and custom home building needs. Our process is seamless, and we value open communication. First, we will consult with you. Next, we define concepts, and then we get into design evaluations, construction, project inspection, and cleaning up.

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