With the new year fast approaching, our team took it upon ourselves to predict the top interior design trends in 2024. We were lucky enough to have such wonderful clients that allowed us to experiment with these trends. Whether they chose a fusion of traditional and minimalist designs or they wanted to integrate more natural textures, we were happy to bring their unique vision to life. 

In this blog, we’ve highlighted 25 captivating home trends we expect to see in 2024 and how we successfully incorporated them into our client’s custom homes.

Monochromatic Bathroom Design 

We achieved a sophisticated monochromatic guest bathroom with this trending interior design. We focused on clean, simple lines and a black metal finish on all the hardware and mirrors. Light hues and natural wood cabinets blends seamlessly in this space.

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Trendy Walkout Basement

It was important to our client that they had a functional walkout basement, but we wanted to take it up a notch. We built large sliding glass doors so they could see their backyard and created a stunning accent wall with additional storage.

Get inspired with our modern basement renovation Modern Basement Renovation

Modern Integrated Kitchen Cabinet Design

In this modern open kitchen, we focused on incorporating minimal, clean lines. We used a neutral color scheme with bold, black frames for the sliding doors and matching glass cabinet frames to pop.

Our client selected built-in appliances specifically to blend with the rest of the cabinetry, creating the illusion of a larger kitchen. For more tips for a successful kitchen renovation, read our blog here.

Wood Accents And Luminous Pot Lights

Our team added a little character to this bright, monochromatic kitchen and living room. Following the kitchen trends for 2024, we included light wood shelves, a wooden table, and taupe floors to accentuate this all-white space. The custom shelf lights and radiant pot lights spread across the ceiling provide the perfect lighting.

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Accentuating Open to Above Living Rooms

Our client wanted to incorporate tons of natural lighting that would allow them to see the view of their property filled with trees. We designed the living room to be open to above to include large windows, accented with black frames.

By adding a floor-to-ceiling fireplace mantle, cladded in natural stone, we were able to create a focal point that highlighted the grandeur of the space above.

Bold Lighting Features 

Our design team played around with the interior design trends for 2024 to compliment the high ceilings in this home. We provided vivid strip lighting along the edges with an abstract light fixture in the centre.

We also used black window frames against the bright white walls and glass windows to create a bold contrast in the foyer while the glass windows provided the illusion of open space. Discover why bold lighting fixtures are one of the top luxury features you need to add in your home renovation.

Illuminate Your Home With Skylights 

We wanted a creative way to bring in lots of natural light to this client’s home.

To brighten up the home even more, we installed custom skylights and added strip lighting around the borders to illuminate this feature.

Classic Meets Minimalist Bathroom 

This was our unconventional take on a minimalist bathroom. We took elements of minimalism with half-frosted glass shower doors and combined it with classic elements of marble tiles behind the spa tub.

By selecting a clean polished tile, it creates the illusion of a larger ensuite and clean lines.

Lighting Up Contemporary Living Rooms

The hottest interior design trends focus on lots of natural light, especially in the living and dining rooms. We achieved this look by building large windows and using the fireplace as a focal point.

We also incorporated natural hues with white walls, beige furniture and grey couches to keep a lighter ambiance. Discover more living room ideas in this contemporary Victorian home.

Minimalist Bathroom 

We achieved a fine balance between modern and minimalist design with this breathtaking bathroom. Our client requested a monochromatic colour scheme so we incorporated mostly white features, a touch of grey cabinets and geometric mirrors.

Painting the window frame in a black accent provides contrast to match the floating vanity.

Modern Living Room Textures  

We brought out the earth tones in this client’s living room with large windows to brighten up the space. In larger living rooms, installing natural wood floors in a herringbone pattern creates a subtle, intricate pattern bringing in a classic style. 

Adding black velvet ottomans grounds the room by complementing the dark window coverings, black painted door trims and even the dark tiles from the dining room.

Outdoor Custom Pool Oasis

The client asked us to create an outdoor oasis that wouldn’t make them feel they had neighbours. With this backyard oasis, we created an inviting outdoor patio that is sure to impress all guests.

We used high-quality interlocking stones to create this look and incorporated a lot of natural, tall greenery to create the illusion of a garden oasis, hiding the fences. It also served as the focal point of this space, the custom underground pool.

Maximize Space With Built-In Shelving

We used one of the most popular home design trends this year by utilizing built-in shelving in this living room. The beauty of custom built-in shelving is in the name itself. It’s built specifically for an area where wall niches are first built then the millwork is made to exact measurements.

This kind of custom millwork not only provides a focal point for your family room, but provides additional storage. 
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Custom Wood Closets 

One of the top new home trends are custom closet solutions with accent lighting. To get this look, we installed a medium-coloured wood to pair with their light-coloured floors.

These closets are built with brilliant lighting solutions so you can showcase your most prized possessions.

Contemporary Kitchen With Built-In Lighting 

There was nothing dull about this basement kitchen renovation. We merged elements of contemporary and traditional design with brass accents, a simple herringbone white backsplash and white countertop to allow the cabinets, faucet and hardware pop. The radiant shelf lighting also helps to illuminate their essential kitchen items. 
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Statement Piece Light Fixtures 

We highlighted the stunning high ceilings in this client’s home with a hanging chandelier as a statement piece.

It serves as an excellent focal point in contrast with the dark wood staircase and large windows bringing in a lot of natural light.

A Little Drama With Black Marble 

Our client wasn’t afraid of bold designs for their kitchen. We used slab black marble for the backsplash and countertops, which creates a seamless focal point and the illusion of a bigger kitchen.

To provide contrast, we added a  combination of white and wood cabinets with sleek silver hardware. See how the black backsplash ties in with the rest of the home here.

Modern Master Ensuite

The house trends this year focus on brilliant lighting options and custom cabinetry. That’s exactly what we achieved with this renovation as we used a contrast of light and dark shelving units to achieve a more sleek and modern look in this custom ensuite.

Before you start your master ensuite renovation, discover the top tips you need to consider.

Spa-like oasis for the bathroom 

Our client wanted to create a relaxing atmosphere for their new bathroom. We focused on light hues, sand-coloured flooring, a rainfall shower, anchor tub and large windows to light up the space.

By keeping the tiles in the same colour family, the ensuite becomes brighter and using different patterns creates soft details on the floors and walls.

Classic Elegance Meets Modern Design

We struck the right balance between a classic and modern living room with this client’s home.

Our team incorporated traditional elements like all-white walls, neutral floors, and large closets while the modern touches include glass railings and an open staircase. 

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Natural Textures And Wood Accents For Modern Farmhouse

We went for an intriguing design for this living room. We took the best elements of a modern, minimalist living room with large black frame windows, clean white walls, and cabinets and combined that with a rustic farmhouse look with faux wood beams and sand-colored floors.

This way we were able to create a stunning interior while playing homage to the Victorian home in Rosedale.

Bright And Airy With Bold Brass Accents 

A calm and peaceful ensuite to retreat to was our client’s only wish. We achieved this by installing all-white floors, windows, and countertops, and beautiful brass accents to give the bathroom a touch of class.

Sometimes it’s better to play with neutral colours and choose one accent colour to tie the design together. Keep in mind that sometimes less is more.

Natural Fixtures And Earthy Tones 

This bathroom is all about merging different textures, styles and colours. The sink was made of an organic stone and sits on a black countertop and wood cabinets.

The marbled tan walls and wood accent wall help to bring the earth tones together.

Custom Master Closets

Having the perfect place to get ready in the morning was our client’s number one priority. We built a large vanity with custom cabinets as the focal point of the room with tons of additional custom shelves for the perfect organization system.

When you install pot lights instead of light fixtures, it helps create a clean, modern look while still providing tons of lighting.

Highlighting Statement Pieces In The Dining Room

Since dining rooms are trending again, our team brought the wow factor for this dining room. We created a unique shelving unit to showcase the client’s works of art with lots of dramatic lighting.

Natural lighting and a beautiful chandelier helps to tie everything together for the classic dining room look.

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