The design and build home development process is one that many homeowners across the Greater Toronto Area have to come to rely on for quality. As opposed to independently sourcing design and architectural services, it allows homeowners to access full-service support for each step of the development process. This leads to more accurate planning, budgeting, and a far more efficient design and development process.

Aria Build has been servicing clients using the design and build approach for years, having helped countless families build or renovate their dream homes with as little stress, delay, and overspending as possible.

Design Build Contractors Toronto

In the traditional design-bid-build approach – which is what remains the most common route to custom home development – homeowners are required to source independent design and architectural work for initial planning purposes. They then bring the design and architectural work to a home builder, at which point they are informed about expected costs. This is a wildly inefficient process that often leads to budget overages and wasted money on the design process. Thankfully, the design and build process avoids these issues, ensuring that the builder is involved at the first step of the design process, allowing them to offer budget and timeline estimates and insights.

Design Build Contractors Toronto

In addition to these benefits, there are a series of other wonderful aspects that must be considered when looking at the design-build service space, including:

  • Continuity – The design-build process means that you’ll have a single team responsible for your success at each step of the process, ensuring that communication remains clear and constant and that you aren’t even exposed to issues arising from project ownership changes.
  • Collaboration – The design-build process allows for a deeply rooted sense of ownership, accountability, and collaboration. By having the same team work together on each step of the project, you’ll be able to properly align your goals, provide feedback, and work with a team of your own to craft the space of your dreams.
  • Budget – Above all else, the design-build process ensures that you won’t have any budget surprises along the way. By bringing in expert construction insights from day one, you’ll be able to accurately understand the dollar and time estimates associated with early design and architectural work.
  • Project Timelines – Having one teamwork on an entire project means that you’ll be able to receive accurate time estimates, free of error due to shifting project ownership and priorities.
  • Quality – Assuming you’ve selected the right team, the design-build process will ensure that you receive quality work and service at every stage of the design and development process.

Aria has spent several years offering quality design and build renovation services for countless clients across the Greater Toronto Area. Regardless of your project size or budget, we have a design-build project solution ready for your needs. Whether you’re looking to learn more about the design-build renovation process, looking to better understand our team and project approach, or would like to dive into a custom design-build renovation project of your own, our team is ready to help. Contact us today and learn more!

Design build project solution by Aria Build


What is Design-Build?

The design-build process is an alternative to the traditional design-bid-build method of delivering construction projects. In design-build, the owner contracts with a single entity that is responsible for both the design and construction of the project. This allows for a more efficient process, as the design and construction phases can be completed in parallel. This can also lead to cost savings, as the design-build firm is able to take advantage of economies of scale and bulk purchasing. With our design-build team, it means you’re working with Aria Build from start to finish. We eliminate the traditionally adversarial relationship between the design professional and contractor by having them work together from the outset as a team. Design-build provides for more efficient project delivery, as the same firm is responsible for both design and construction. This can result in a smoother process, with fewer delays and disruptions. Designers and builders who work together on a design-build basis can better understand each other’s scope of work and deliver a successful project that meets the owner’s needs and expectations. Ultimately, design-build provides many benefits for owners and can be an efficient way to deliver construction projects.

What are the benefits of Design-Build?

There are many benefits to the design-build process. Some of the most notable advantages include:

– Saving costs on project management 
– Ensuring an efficient and effective workflow
– Facing less risk 

Homeowners in Toronto and the GTA prefer design and build projects because they are more involved in the process. Aria Build’s design and build team allow for faster and more fluid operations. Since the entire team is with one company, if you have a question or issue that needs to be addressed,  we are able to quickly pivot and be responsive to ongoing changes. Clear communication is so important in any sort of renovation project, and having the ability to be in talks with engineers, designers, as well as workers on site is so invaluable.

Isn’t design-build more expensive?

The design-build process may be more expensive, but the results are more rewarding!