If you’re planning to renovate your kitchen, there are tons of ideas that you can use to inspire your vision. The kitchen is such a central part of your household. It’s where family members congregate to share precious moments, and the aroma from the kitchen is inviting enough for people to gather around. As the heart of your home, your kitchen should look as incredible as every delicious meal it produces. So, why not make the most of your kitchen and transform it into a luxurious space your family will love.

Kitchens have evolved over the ages and are no longer just a space for you to prepare meals. They are so much more. Many people use their kitchen as a workspace or to get some paperwork done. Some even use it as a hangout spot or an area to entertain one or two close family guests while a meal is being prepared. With the increased versatility of kitchen spaces, there is an increasing desire for kitchens to be more functioning spaces.

One of the first questions that pop into the minds of many is: what does it take to transform an ordinary kitchen into a luxury kitchen? A luxury kitchen is a result of incorporating high materials, cutting-edge technology, and top-tier appliances to create a kitchen that is highly functional and breathtaking. To accomplish this, you’ll need a generous budget. Yes, a fancy kitchen will cost you so be prepared to spend significantly more on a luxury kitchen than other types of kitchens. If you have the financial means, why not elevate the space and create a haven that exudes luxury and opulence.

In this blog, we will explore the various luxury kitchen design options to give you some ideas on the possibilities for your new luxury kitchen.

Traditional, Contemporary and Modern Style

There’s no particular style that is assigned to luxury kitchens, however, there are specific styles that many people gravitate towards because they are more closely associated with a high-end kitchen. These include traditional, contemporary, and modern kitchen styles. The truth is that you can choose whatever style you would like. Some people lean more towards a rustic, farmhouse style of a luxury kitchen, but many find this doesn’t quite bring out the luxurious feel they’re looking for.

The beauty of creating your own custom luxury kitchen is that you have the final say on what your kitchen looks like, so whichever style you are interested in incorporating is up to you.

Traditional luxury kitchens

Even though a large number of homeowners prefer modern kitchen styles, there’s still a large population that loves the look and feel of a traditional luxury kitchen and appreciates the ancient beauty these kitchens capture.

There are many decor options you can implement in a traditional kitchen style. Traditional style kitchens rely heavily on the use of wood and natural colours that add warmth to the room and pay homage to history.

Contemporary luxury kitchens

These are one of the most popular kitchen designs because of their simple yet stylish look while remaining practical. Another huge plus to these types of kitchens is the space-saving inventions that allow you to maximize your space. Contemporary luxury kitchens offer a clean look, plenty of light and celebrate minimalism that frees your kitchen from unnecessary clutter for a tidy, simple look.

A common theme in a contemporary kitchen design is flat panel doors that have no frills or other decorative features. It also often has built-in appliances like ovens, fridges and freezers, microwaves etc.

Modern luxury kitchens

Modern and contemporary kitchen styles are often used interchangeably. It can be hard to tell the difference between these two kitchen designs, but there are some nuances that separate the two, and interior designers and architects know the difference.

Modern styles are more representative of the early to mid-20th century, consist of clean lines, and tend to incorporate glass and steel. Contemporary kitchens, on the other hand, are constantly evolving and usually include trendy elements.

Luxurious Materials

What makes a kitchen breathtaking is largely due to the high-end materials used to complete the overall look. The advantage of using these types of materials is that they not only look good, but they are durable and add significant value to your kitchen – someday that will pay off should you decide to sell.

A common place where the type of material makes a huge difference is on countertops. Marble and granite are the materials of choice when it comes to luxury kitchens.

Another top material for luxury kitchens is bronze, which is often used on handles, knobs and as ornamental pieces. Bronze is preferred because of its affiliation with sophistication. The fabric used for upholstery on chairs in your luxury kitchen are often fine fabrics that are elegant and durable.

High quality fabrics create comfortable and stylish seating. One of the popular and trendy materials are bare brick walls. Glass is another material often used for cupboard doors in luxury kitchens.

Custom Cabinets and Rich Woods

Wood is a classic material to incorporate in any area of your home, particularly in your kitchen. Wood adds warmth to the room and many of these rich woods exude an air of sophistication and class. Custom-made cabinets made from expensive woods take your kitchen to the next level. Wood like cherry or ebony are particularly sought after because of their high-end nature. These woods are durable and masterfully carved to be aesthetically superior to other types of wood.

One of the major differences between traditional cabinet doors and modern or contemporary styles is that traditional cabinet doors often have more intricate carvings on the surface while modern and contemporary styles have a simpler exterior and less outward adorning. An example of this is the absence of outward/visible cabinet handles.

A Grand Kitchen Island

The kitchen island concept has evolved since it was first invented, and many people are finding ways to makeover their islands. A growing trend is to incorporate two kitchen islands instead of just one. This is both functionally and aesthetically beneficial, where one island can be used for food prep and storage while the other one is used primarily for eating. This allows you to increase your working space and have dedicated stations in your kitchen for various activities.An island can also serve as a free countertop that you use as an aesthetic feature or used to place one or two decorative items on.

Depending on the layout of your kitchen, you can maximize the luxury and efficiency of your kitchen by creating more working space. Kitchen islands can be added to just about any kitchen design. Whether you have an L-shaped kitchen or a U-shaped kitchen, your kitchen island is a perfect feature to upgrade.

Statement Light Fixtures

A well-lit kitchen is everything. It’s amazing how much impact the type of light fixtures you install in your kitchen will have on the look and feel of your kitchen. Recessed lights are a common feature in luxury kitchens and set the tone of your kitchen.

When installed in multiples, recessed lights add tremendous appeal to the design of the room. These types of lights make the right kind of statement fit for a luxury kitchen. There’s no such thing as just lighting. How you choose to luminate your kitchen can make all the difference.

Smart Technology

Another critical component of luxury kitchens are the high-tech appliances that add convenience to your kitchen. What’s the point of having a kitchen that looks great but doesn’t function well? Create a kitchen where luxury and convenience go hand-in-hand.  Some of the more popular high-tech inventions that are great for luxury kitchens include touchless faucets and smart refrigerators, stoves, freezers, etc.

A touchless faucet is a no-brainer. It reduces the spread of bacteria and allows you to conveniently wash your hands without having to actually touch the handles. And since kitchens are also used as the center of attraction in a home, entertainment can also be incorporated into your kitchen by including built-in iPad and television screens. With a world so connected to information, incorporating charging stations in your kitchen placed in convenient locations is an added plus.

Customized Touches

Something to always remember when renovating a kitchen is that customizing your kitchen allows you to be in the driver seat and create a kitchen that caters to all your needs. No two households are alike. Think about the habits of your household and some of the unique things that would make your kitchen more functional and convenient for you.

You can make the rules of how you want your kitchen to look and customize all its features. Do you like wine? Think about incorporating a wine and drink refrigerator or add several freezer drawers to your refrigerator. How about an espresso station?

At the end of the day, you want to build a kitchen with your needs and preferences in mind. The great thing about customizing your kitchen is that you have the ability to make it unique. This is an added benefit if you choose to put your home on the market in the future. More and more people are in favour of unique kitchens that stand out and not the typical kitchen.

Think about the various custom options and then explore which one works best for your kitchen. Your custom kitchen should have all the bells and whistles and your stamp of approval. Whether you have a gallery, L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen, there are plenty of ideas that can accommodate your choice.

Unique Backsplash

Modern kitchen renovation

Many people often forget about some of the subtleties of a kitchen that often go overlooked. Kitchens have the larger features like cabinets, countertops and floors, but the backsplash is also a feature that can draw attention.

Explore different ways to create a backsplash that stands out using tile or marble. You can even use the space to display original artwork, giving your kitchen a unique touch.

One of the trendier backsplash ideas include clean and straight lines with neutral colour schemes. This can be in the form of subway tiles, which add a modern element to the space or the use of geometrical tiles like triangles or hexagons.

When it comes to choosing the right backsplash for your luxury kitchen, you want a backsplash theme that will compliment your countertops. So if you have bold patterns on your countertops, it’s best to pair this with a more subtle backsplash choice.

Contrast Ceiling

Never underestimate the power of a striking ceiling that creates a visual climax for your kitchen. Often, ceiling ideas are overlooked and last to be considered in the design of the new kitchen. However, a ceiling with contrast features and colours may be just what your kitchen needs to make it uniquely yours. Don’t shy away from bold colours.

Find a way to make them work for your kitchen. Many trendy ideas consist of striking colours that make a statement. When people think of luxury kitchens they often think of whites and light colours, and yet a bold colour can be a fresh breath of air that sets your kitchen apart.

Signature Sink

Your luxury kitchen is not complete without a signature sink that creates the perfect focal point in your kitchen.

Since the sink is one of the most used areas or features of your kitchen, make it stand out.

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